Biofilms in the food industry

One of the major concerns and risks regarding hygiene in the food industry is the formation of bacterial biofilms. It is important to implement protocols for the control, detection, and removal of microbial biofilms.

The presence of biofilms on the premises poses a risk to food safety, as they protect microorganisms such as Listeria, Pseudomonas, Enterobacter, Flavobacterium or Staphylococcus, and may also cause operating problems in the equipment.

Luckily, with the right tool and specific actions included in the hygiene protocols, these can be identified and controlled.

biofilmtest Biofilm control

At CHRISTEYNS we offer a comprehensive service including four stages to identify the formation areas where the most effective solutions can be applied.

En CHRISTEYNS disponemos de un servicio integral en cuatro fases en el que localizamos los puntos de formación para aplicar las soluciones más efectivas






Locating the presence of biofilms using TBF® 300.

Biofilm removal using enzymatic solutions (MIDA® ADD 409 AG) or chemical solutions (MIDA® SAN 327 BF and MIDA® SAN 328 EC).

Reviewing the results and confirming the control measures.

Implementing procedures to prevent biofilm formation

Control de biofilms Detection and removal solutions

TBF® 300 is an effective tool to detect biofilm growing areas quickly and easily through visual identification.

It is based in the use of specific dies that stain the biofilm extracellular matrix. This prevents potential interferences from other waste that may be present.

Removing biofilms is hard, but not impossible when using the correct sanitising procedures.

CHRISTEYNS ofrece dos opciones capaces de romper y desintegrar la matriz polimérica que conforma los biofilms:

Chemical removal and enzymatic removal.

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